Heers & Brockstedt Umwelttechnik GmbH
Solid waste landfill in Vinnytsia (construction phase I,II)
Project on Landfill Gas Capture with Energy Recovery
Solid waste landfill in Vinnytsia (construction phase III - V)
Project on Landfill Gas Capture with Energy Recovery
Solid waste landfill in Kremenchug
Landfill Gas Capture Project
Solid waste landfill No. 1 in Zaporozhye
Landfill Gas Capture Project on Solid Waste Landfill no. 1
 Alternative Energy Systems and
Environmental Technologies, Ltd.

     German-Ukrainian joint venture

AEU shareholder - an innovative German company specializing in landfill and environmental engineering
«Heers & Brockstedt Umwelttechnik GmbH»


AEU prospective shareholder  - an Austrian enterprise specializing in manufacturing  equipment in a category of single electro generating units
IET Energy GmbH


AEU main activities:

• Outgassing of solid waste landfills with further power generation
• Construction of biogas complexes
• Sale of equipment
• Development of JI-Project documentation and  sale of СО2  certificates

aeu  AEU Offices
1   - Head office of the company in Vinnytsia (west-central region of Ukraine)
2   - AEU office in Kremenchuk (east- southern region of Ukraine)
Brochure AEU

  Current landfill projects
3   - Project on Landfill Gas Capture with Energy & Heat Recovery, 
Vinnytsia  landfill
4   - Landfill Gas Capture  Project,
Kremenchug landfill
5   - Landfill Gas Capture  Project,
Zaporozhye  landfill no. 1

  Signed contracts on implementation of landfill projects
6  - Solid waste landfill in Cherkasy
7  - Solid waste landfill in Kharkiv
AEU founded enterprises for sale of power & heat from LFG:
- KUDS Ltd., Kremenchug (August, 2011)
- AEU ENERGO, Ltd., Vinnytsia (February, 2014)

AEU offers

Construction of new and rehabilitation of closed solid waste landfills as well as engineering of sewer pipelines and channels according to EU standards:
• Adaptation of EU standards to Ukrainian conditions and customer needs…

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Outgassing of solid waste landfills:
• Wide range of services from predesign study (planning) to service over the whole lifecycle of the project;
• Use of the equipment of own production: gas gathering points...

  Construction of biogas complexes:
• Production of biogas from organic waste of agricultural and food industry;
• Use of the equipment of our manufacturing partners: high-temperature flare units, cogeneration power plants, control unit of biogas plant...

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